Artistic Pursuits and Exhibitions

Many accolades, some deserved, since 2010. One of the most gratifying aspects of entering a Fine Arts Show and winning comes from the cash prize. The monies received provide me with funds to purchase more assemblage parts as well as the opportunity to purchase art created by local artists such as Carolyn Sleeper (pottery) and others.

Esther Williams Reliquary, Valerie MacEwan
Esther Williams Reliquary by Valerie MacEwan, Arts of the Pamlico Fine Arts Show, 2015

One nice prize: This year, 2015, won First Place in the Arts of the Pamlico 51st Fine Arts Show [3D], Washington, NC. The assemblage, titled: Esther Williams Reliquary included pottery, wood, vintage photos and much  much more.

I found my ribbons, the prize-winning beauties, in a drawer the other day. The ribbons are proof, in a weird way, that my art exists. Most of it stays here, in the gallery or the studio… when My Art makes its way out into the world, such work is aptly rewarded and thus my Art Ego is Stroked. Thanks, jurors over the years, for appreciating what I create.

2010 Beaufort County Arts Council Fine Arts Show (46th annual juried show)
SECOND Place, 3D category for
“MacEwan Manifesto”

International Fluxhibition #4
Fluxus Amusements, Diversions, Games, Tricks and Puzzles
Works from USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Seoul, Japan, China, Philippines, Uruguay, Colombia,
Brazil, Italy, France,Greece, Australia, Portugal, Germany, Denmark, Ukraine, Hungary.

Mobius Artrages 2010: Surrealestate


Beaufort County Arts Council Member’s Show
2008,2009, 2010,2011,2012 etc

2010 Martin County Arts Council Fine Arts Show  [juried competition]
Honorable Mention

Beaufort County Arts Council Fine Arts Show 2008 [juried competition]
First Place, 3D Category “Fishing for Nixon”
Honorable Mention, 3D Category “Opium, the Careful Spider”

Beaufort County Arts Council Fine Arts Show 2006 [juried competition]
Third Place, 3D Category,
Honorable Mention, 3D Category,

MoMA Wales in Machynlleth in April 2010, A Book About Death


Mail Artists SelfPortrait
Art House Coop Projects [Atlanta, GA incarnation, now in Brooklyn, NY]
Million Little Pictures
Sketchbook Project
The Canvas Project

and more and more … it’s now 2016, who knows what accolades exist out in the world for me?

Literary Endeavors

Publisher and Editor of The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature [online since 1995]

Pleasant, As Pie” in Ducts

North Carolina Arts Council Grant Recipient, 1996, for publication of initial issue (paper) of The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature

Ploughshares International Fiction Workshop, Kasteel Well, The Netherlands, Emerson University, Graduate School, 1996.

Interview on Lamoille Lamentations

#1 Linux-centered interview  by Rob Limo on

First Place Legs Like That short fiction  Tattoo Highway

Court Appointed in the Mississippi Review

RuthPoem in PIF

1999 Hurricane Photos (NC) in Tattoo Highway

Web Del Sol Executive Committee

Piggly Wiggly story in Spillway Review

Poynter Online 9/23/2001 and Hurricane Isabel

Struck Dumb in WordRiot

Popmatters Magazine, Books Editor, Columnist and Reviewer

“Second Cousin Edna Lee, or Tuesday Night at the Redman’s Lodge #257″ in Half Drunk Muse

Poetry Repairs collection of poetry

Night Train Magazine Reunion Summer

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