• The Yard

    Looks pretty spectacular Continue reading

  • drunks and me

    I rarely drink alcoholic beverages. I have the occasional cocktail at my daughter’s house when we eat over there. We’re invited over there all the time and it’s a great place to be. The grandsons are 14 and 13, delightful company all the time. They’re not at the surly teenage time yet (I doubt they… Continue reading

  • Mom from 1992

    The top of the page notation: “Put your heart on the page”. It’s a journal entry from a journaling class she took when she was … 75 when she wrote this: (about 1922) What I remember best about that day was my excitement in watching the little barn owl perching on a branch of an… Continue reading

  • New Year’s Eve Day and all is quiet

    I made an unfortunate culinary choice last night. Kale salad, a big bowl of it, as a snack around 9 pm. Never, ever, do that to yourself. Tonight, for New Year’s, it’s a festival of meat at J’s so I’ve got to get this stomach calmed down in preparation for deliciousness. Now, if you’re not… Continue reading

  • Holiday Cheers

    My holiday went amazingly well. Probably helped by really good Uncle Val’s Gin and some Provigil. My mind was alert, my family was loving, and the food was incredible. Daughter roasted oysters and a GIANT ASS prime rib, cost them $150 for the MEAT. It was an incredible beast. We roasted oysters outside on the… Continue reading

  • Suicide

    My brother shot himself in the head on May 5, 1975. He was 22 years old. Back in those days, we didn’t have Prozac or other anti-depressants to bring people out of the depths. He couldn’t see past his problems. That’s what causes suicide. The inability to see past the right now.   Continue reading

  • today is brown …

    … and it smells. A doctor told me that, back in 1974, when I worked at Washington Regional Medical Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The origin of the sentence isn’t important at all, the fact that I remember it, from 1974, seems significant. Dr. Moore. He wrote a really nice recommendation letter for me when Bimbo… Continue reading

  • Nervous much?

    So we wait for Tuesday’s Social Security Disability hearing, with the judge from Raleigh coming in on video and the attorney from Orlando coming in on the plane. It’s nervous time here. Even my horoscope registers that I’ll be nervous today. Wow. The astral plane knows my anxiety? Today is Oliver’s 14th birthday. The family… Continue reading

  • Sept. 9, 2018

    That’s the date on the VA website. The date by which we will know the conclusion of our filing for R’s VA disability due to PTSD, his schizo-affective disorder, his OCD and other ailments. We’ll know about his Individual Unemployability and it will all be over. We’ve filed for RAMP, meaning Rapid Appeals Modernization Program.… Continue reading

  • Ruth Quote

    Found this in a book of quotes belonging to Mom. Ruth Heinold wrote this, copied it from a book, in the 1940s.  “If my companions on the planet’s crust choose to rage about, they cannot affect me! I will not let them. I have the power to maintain my own calm, and  I will. No earthly being… Continue reading

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