New Year’s Eve Day and all is quiet

I made an unfortunate culinary choice last night. Kale salad, a big bowl of it, as a snack around 9 pm. Never, ever, do that to yourself. Tonight, for New Year’s, it’s a festival of meat at J’s so I’ve got to get this stomach calmed down in preparation for deliciousness. Now, if you’re not from the southern US, I postulate you don’t understand MEAT for a holiday. Brisket, pork roast, ribs, name a dead animal and they’re probably smoking it or they have it already sliced, left over from the night before…

I bought a whole pound of Virginia ham at the Pig a couple days ago. I’m still reeling from the input. I made good biscuits and it’s been a joy hambisket celebration. We have eaten far too much of it. Took some over to Neighbor Fredly and he and brother Bob will be enjoying it for days to come.

Went out to the marina to take photos this week. Also went to Goose Creek State Park, does every state have a Goose Creek? A thought worth someday pursuing… anyway we saw a flock of at least two dozen turkeys out there in a field. Awesome sight. Didn’t know what the hell they were, in the beginning, one flew over the road and I thought it was a really REALLY big vulture. I’ll post photos if I can dig them out.


Lots of them! They are quite large. I’m heard they’re tasty but I’m not much on wild game, not much of a meat eater at all, come to think of it.

That’s my New Year’s Treat for everyone.

that’s enough for now.

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