Foot in Mouth?

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You wanted to know about J putting her foot in her mouth. Well, she came over this afternoon to tell me how embarrassed she is about something she said to a guy they really like, a fairly new neighbor:

J was talking to neighbor, 1/2 of new couple that moved in (renovated house etc so they’re really something cool and good for the neighborhood ) who came over to tell her about a “boarder” in nearby house who was found to have robbed house across street of everything, even found her porch furniture in his room, well… guy told about how the boarder was arrested — yada yada. Who knew something like that was going on, just a few doors down from them… lots of discussion.

Then he mentioned another boarder in the same house, L, who is a train wreck waiting to happen. L worked with J for a while. Drama follows middle aged L wherever she goes and J said so to guy. Apparently L wants to buy house near guy sooooo J says, “That’s interesting. She’d make a strange neighbor. I live in my little world and so when someone’s daughter ODs on heroin in her kitchen, I tend to see that as drama.” J is ever the one to tell it as it is. L’s daughter OD’d last year.

Guy goes “My daughter’s been off heroin and clean for 9 months. We’ll see how that goes…” and just starts talking about something else.

Well shut the front door. J didn’t know 1) he had daughter 2)daughter with addiction problem. She felt awful, like she was being too judgmental to guy about heroin addicts (ha) and I said, how can you not sound that way when talking about awful things like that? You sound judgmental. it happens. He’s probably used to it.

I told her not to worry about it but she really doesn’t want to appear judgmental or anything to guy, he’s close neighbor, nice, very friendly, they all have dinner together etc.

And you can never tell who’s going to rent those rooms, the ones in the old Victorians that were grandfathered in to the “no separated dwellings” historic district regulations. Some are friendly and ok, most of them are losers who don’t qualify for Section 8, who make little money and how are awful.

You never know what’s going on in people’s lives, do you? Here’s my latest drama — (text deleted)

I wish I could stop him from talking to her but it’s like a moth to a flame. next time I catch him talking to her I’m going to tell him to HANG UP RIGHT NOW as if there’s something on fire, ha ha. He’ll only do it if I make it sound urgent. Then I’m going to tell him why I made him hang up. It’ll only work once, he won’t believe me a second time…

enough, I’ve talked your ear off. going to finish my book…

don’t you love my dramas?


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