Wind is heavier than air

Today will be a good day. It’s see the therapist day so I get to unleash my inner-thoughts and share with someone who is paid to listen. She has to hear me. It is both perplexing and a relief to have someone listen. My friends listen but they haven’t “heard” me talk about poverty and our trials for two years. They’ve listened to me talk about how we cope. How we have hope that the VA will render its decision soon (it’s been over 2.5 years since we filed) and even though common wisdom says 3-4 years, we live in the hope that we’ll be the exception, we’ll have less than 3 years of waiting.

Currently, we live on the SNAP program, on Medicare/Medicaid, on social security disability for me (only) and on a dwindling savings account from the sale of our 1972 Buick Riviera (sold on Craigslist). We are able to make 1/2 a mortgage payment and for now, that seems to molify our mortgagee. Molify, that’s a word? Or is it Mollify? two L’s, thank you spellcheck. Blogging can increase my vocabulary, it’s one reason I do it. To wake up my brain and to just blab on about useless and sometimes boring realities.

Bryson Jones is running for NC House from our district. I hope to help his campaign. There’s a candidate meet/greet tomorrow night at the Civic’s Center but unfortunately, Jane is getting her gall bladder out tomorrow so I may be at the hospital, whether they want me there or not. I mean, how can I not go there?

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