Goldfinch Lasting Ever Mostly

American Goldfinch in front yard, eating miniature crabapples. A sure sign of winter. No photo op for it, too quick in its get-away. Got used to not blogging, trying to get back into the habit of it.

Reaching into year 3 of waiting for VA compensation. Our case is a slam dunk but there are only 59 judges serving the entire US, basically one for each state and being in NC with a strong military presence means we wait in a very long line. We’ve heard the IU claim was accepted but don’t have the paperwork yet so we remain skeptical. This is also the beginning of year 3 for Social Security Disability for spousal unit. Long waits… don’t let anyone tell you the road is easy. We have great attorneys, thank God.

Grandkids grew up in a slam of a minute. Went from zero to teenager while I was busy making brownies and weeding the garden. Like how fast it goes from spring to summer in NC.

Waiting for the old man to come over so I can print a “return” label for something he ordered from Amazon. He buys things impulsively, unthinkingly, and then returns them when his card gets near its limit. He’s in love with Publix grocery store and has to go once a week. We’re supposed to go on Monday to get a certain bottle of wine for Jane for Christmas. No real reason … not really … he just has to buy something.

MRI showed brain atrophy. He won’t accept his thinking prowess is diminished, he thinks there’s medicine for whatever is going on. He’s supposed to pick up a prescription, I’ve got to find out what it is. It’s only $29 a month but he’s balking at that, says all his scripts are $4 at Walmart so he doesn’t want to buy anything costing more than that.

It’s quite a world. Surrounded by happy people on one side and miserable people on the other. On a scale, happy would outweigh miserable.

Going into holidays with no funds for gifts so we’ll go shopping in the house. Last year’s gifts are gathering dust in one house, hanging on the wall in another. Boys don’t understand no gifts, this will be their first year of nothing. Interesting… they spend their weekends here, that’s a year long gift that they should be old enough to comprehend.

enough for now, just wanted to post something, will continue to blog for the no person reading blog that this is.

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